Viral photo shows Twitter employee sleeping on office floor post Elon Musk takeover


Less than a week after Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, took over Twitter, a picture of an overworked Twitter employee sleeping on the office floor is doing the rounds. It all started after Evan Jones, product manager for Twitter Spaces, snapped a photo of Esther Crawford, his manager and director of product management at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters, sleeping on the floor with the caption, “When you need something from your boss.” Elon Twitter”.

Crawford Retweeted image and wrote, “When your team is around the clock to make deadlines, sometimes you #SleepWhereYouWork.

Love when you work, said the employee

The subject of the image, Esther Crawford, tweeted a thread with the hashtag #SleepWhereYouWork and noted that Twitter is less than a week into a “huge business and cultural transformation” and that the entire team is hard at work across all departments, including product, design, engineering, legal, finance, Marketing etc.

“Since some people are losing their minds, let me explain: difficult tasks require sacrifice (time, energy, etc.). I have colleagues around the world who are working to bring something new to life, so it’s important to me to show up for them and keep the team unblocked,” Crawford, director of product management, wrote on Twitter.

Crawford claims they’ve been in the midst of a “crazy” public acquisition for months, but they’re continuing. “It’s hard to build new things at the Twitter level. I am fortunate to work alongside the best people in tech,” she says. She also noted that she is grateful to have a family that understands the need to “go into overdrive” at times.

Reacting to the image, many Twitter users shared their views and some even said, “It feels completely unnecessary.”

“Are you pulling all-nighters to enable a key feature that charges people $8 for a blue checkmark (checks notes)? I’ve coded late nights to save business, but this seems completely unnecessary,” wrote one user.

Twitter after Musk

For those who don’t know, Elon Musk reportedly gave November 7 is the deadline For employees to renew Twitter Blue, a premium subscription service. Employees who do not meet the deadline can be fired. He announced that the coveted Blue Tick will be available for the price of $8, along with additional perks for anyone willing to pay.

Meanwhile, after completing his $44 billion purchase of Twitter last week, Musk fired senior executives including former CEO Parag Agarwal, chief financial officer Ned Segal and policy chief Vijay Gadde. Without giving exact figures, Musk previously hinted at the layoffs via his tweet.


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