Amazon sends dog food instead of Apple laptop that’s worth Rs 120,700

[ad_1] Alan Wood said it was a very stressful experience and he was recently diagnosed with Stone Man Syndrome, a rare connective tissue disease which sees muscles, tendons and ligaments turn into bone. Amazon sent dog food in exchange for an Apple laptop Alan said he has been an Amazon customer for two decades and … Read more

AIIMS ransomware attack: hospital server affected for two days straight

[ad_1] Ransomware attack on AIIMS in Delhi The National Informatics Center (NIC) has issued a statement that India’s leading public medical facility, AIIMS Delhi, has been affected by a ransomware attack on its server. E hospital services of the organization were affected as a result. The problem has stopped at the hospital for two days … Read more

Apple is now worth Alphabet, Amazon and Meta combined

[ad_1] A Business Insider analysis from Thursday, November 3 puts Apple at $2.307 trillion (roughly Rs 195 lakh crore, for context), the same market value of Apple combined with Alphabet ($1.126 trillion), Amazon ($940 billion) and Meta ($240 billion). The move goes to show the level of disparity even among the world’s biggest tech companies … Read more

Viral photo shows Twitter employee sleeping on office floor post Elon Musk takeover

[ad_1] Less than a week after Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, took over Twitter, a picture of an overworked Twitter employee sleeping on the office floor is doing the rounds. It all started after Evan Jones, product manager for Twitter Spaces, snapped a photo of Esther Crawford, his manager and director of product management … Read more

BYJU’s CEO apologises to 2,500 employees after mass firing: here’s the full e-mail

[ad_1] In an email to its employees that was circulated on various news platforms, Ravindran said several negative macroeconomic factors forced India’s most valuable startup to take this decision. Baiju Ravindran has something to say “I realized that there is a huge price to pay for walking this path to profitability. We are parting ways … Read more

Woman buried alive by husband uses Apple Watch to call for help, gets saved

[ad_1] According to a Report In The Daily Beast, he miraculously escapes from a tomb in a forest and knocks on a stranger’s door for help. According to the affidavit, the 911 operator told police that a woman called 911 but was “gagged” and “not talking.” The operator also “reportedly heard banging and struggling in … Read more

Explained: Why has Google been fined over Rs 2,200 crore in India within a week?

[ad_1] Why was Google fined? Simply put, Google was penalized for abusing its position in the Android ecosystem. In the penalty imposed on Tuesday, the CCI fined Google for anti-competitive practices related to its Play Store policies. The penalty is due to the Google Play Store policy that benefits Google from apps released in the … Read more

Google fined in India for the second time this week: company’s response

[ad_1] Google India has released an announcement regarding this. It said Indian developers have benefited from the technology, security, user protection and convenience offered by Android and Google Play. The company says they are too Reviewing the decision to evaluate next steps. Case No. 07 of 2020, 14 of 2021 and 35 of 2021 The … Read more