These are the rules for WPL 2023, know how different from IPL


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Only a short time left for the start of the Women’s Premier League. But before it starts, let us know what the rules are going to be in the Women’s Premier League. One can also find out whether its rules are different or similar to Men’s IPL.

Women’s Premier League will start from March 4. With the launch of this league, a new beginning will be made in the history of cricket. Before the start of women’s premier league, let us inform you that total 22 matches will be played in this league. A total of 87 players from five teams are participating in the first season of the league. IPL 2023 Women’s Premier League will start only four days after the final match. There is also some difference between women and men in IPL.

This time there is a new rule for IPL 2023 in which the impact player rule is being implemented. That is, teams can only substitute their player at a certain time during the match. This rule does not apply to the Women’s Premier League. In the IPL, teams can have a maximum of four foreign players in the playing XI, but this rule is also enforced in the Women’s Premier League. However, if a team has players from associate countries, they can also get a chance. Explain that the Women’s Premier League has five teams in all, out of which only Delhi Capitals have players from an associate country. In such a situation, only Delhi Capitals can keep a maximum of five players in the squad.

Apart from this, there are some rules that are different for women’s and men’s leagues. Some formats are also different in the two leagues. According to information, in IPL, teams have to play two matches against 5 teams and one match against four teams. Each team will play a total of 14 matches. And in the Women’s Premier League, each of the five teams will play two matches against four teams. In this way each team will play a total of eight matches.

In the IPA, after the league stage, playoff matches are played between the top four teams in the points table. The final ticket will be confirmed only after these playoff matches. In the Women’s Premier League, the team that tops the points table after the stage matches will directly qualify for the finals. Apart from this, there will be an eliminator match between the second and third placed teams, after which the losing team will be eliminated and the winning team will become the second finalist.

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Women’s Premier League also has the facility of taking two DRS in each innings. 4 strategic time outs will be given in the entire match of 40 overs. The team that wins this match will get two points. If the match is tied, in this case a super over will also be played and the winner of the match will be selected.

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