Government submitted status report to High Court on Manikarna Huddang, gave this answer

Himachal Pradesh News: In the Manikarna Huddang case, the Himachal Pradesh High Court had summoned the reply from the Himachal Pradesh government. On Monday, the Himachal Pradesh government filed its reply before the High Court. In response, the government said that the hooliganism in Manikarna and Kasol is being closely monitored through CCTV. The government has approved an amount of Rs 10 lakh for installing CCTV cameras at sensitive places.

SIT is investigating the matter
Along with this, the government told the High Court that they vandalized temples, houses and shops. The hoodlums vandalized about 20 vehicles, due to which there was a loss of about Rs 9 lakh to Rs 10 lakh. The court was also informed that a Special Investigation Team has been formed after registering an FIR in the matter. This SIT is probing the matter. The government has also deployed battalion personnel to maintain peace in the area.

The High Court had summoned the answer
Significantly, the Himachal Pradesh High Court had summoned the response of the Himachal Pradesh government on the hoarding of tourists in Manikarna, Bilaspur and Manali. On this, a reply was filed on behalf of the government in the Himachal Pradesh High Court on 13 March. The High Court had asked the government why such situations had arisen at these places. The Division Bench of the Himachal Pradesh High Court had called for answers from the Chief Secretary, Principal Secretary, Home Department, Director General of Himachal Pradesh Police, DC Kullu, DC Bilaspur, SP Kullu and SP Bilaspur.

High Court had taken cognizance
Taking strict cognizance of the PIL, the Himachal Pradesh High Court had summoned this reply. In the past, some tourists from Punjab created a ruckus in Manali, Manikarna and Bilaspur. During this, there was also a fight with the local people. News on this was prominently published in different newspapers and TV channels. Taking strict cognizance of the PIL on the basis of these reports, the High Court had summoned the reply.

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