Weather of India Has Been changed | 7 states of North India on yellow alert for 5 days

Yellow Alert For India By India: In the middle of winter season There has been a tremendous change in the weather of the northern states of India. The temperature started rising before the time and in February itself the strong effect of the heat was visible. According to IMD, due to the cyclonic circulation created … Read more

Government submitted status report to High Court on Manikarna Huddang, gave this answer

Himachal Pradesh News: In the Manikarna Huddang case, the Himachal Pradesh High Court had summoned the reply from the Himachal Pradesh government. On Monday, the Himachal Pradesh government filed its reply before the High Court. In response, the government said that the hooliganism in Manikarna and Kasol is being closely monitored through CCTV. The government … Read more