Why are Vi 5G services still not available in India?


Reliance Jio has taken the lead in setting up 5G base stations in India. According to reports, the company has installed 17,687 base stations as of November 26. It has so far launched its services in 10 Indian states. On the other hand, Airtel has installed 3,293 base stations and launched its 5G services in 13 states of India.

Minister of State for Communications Devsin Chauhan told the Rajya Sabha that the two companies had 20,980 5G base stations as of November 26. Airtel and Jio are coming up with their roll-out plans. However, Vi’s plan for 5G roll-out in India is still a mystery.

A Vodafone-Idea spokesperson announced that they have partnered with several leading OEMs to provide 5G services to their customers. Vodafone-Idea bought 5G spectrum in the recently concluded auction and its absence in the 5G space is somewhat confusing compared to Jio and Airtel’s public statements about their plans for a new network.

As a result, Vodafone-Idea is likely to lose customers due to lack of 5G services as other telecom operators have already launched their 5G services. Many states. It is no secret that Vodafone-Idea is losing customers and is likely to lose more in the next six months. Many Reports If fresh capital does not come in from promoters in two months, Vodafone-Idea will struggle to survive in India, it suggests.


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