Which team will face Australia in WTC final? Know who the competitors are


World Test Championship: The World Test Championship 2021-23 is now playing towards the final stages. Four more matches are to be played between 6 teams in this championship. These four matches will be played this month and after these matches the second team of WTC final will be decided.

The Australian team has already reached the WTC final after winning the indoor test. Now the second team will probably be decided after the two Test matches from March 9 to 14. In fact, on March 9, while the teams of India and Australia will face each other on one side, the fight will be held between New Zealand and Sri Lanka on the other side. The results of these two matches will largely determine the second finalist of the WTC.

During this time, a Test match between West Indies and South Africa will also be played under the auspices of the WTC, but as these two teams are not in the race to reach the WTC final, the result of this match will not affect the WTC final.

Now only two teams are participating in the race

The only competition is between Team India and Sri Lanka to become the second team to reach the final of the WTC. If Indian team win the last match of Border-Gavaskar trophy in Ahmedabad.. directly to WTC final but if this match is draw or Indian team lose then Sri Lanka also have WTC. There is a chance to reach the finals.

In this situation, Sri Lanka should win the two-match Test series against New Zealand 2-0. If Sri Lanka can’t do it, India will reach the WTC final even if they lose the Ahmedabad Test.

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