WhatsApp ‘Message Yourself’ feature starts rolling out to all

How the new feature works

An earlier report clarified that whenever users try to log into their WhatsApp accounts from a mobile device, they will see their own names at the top of the contact list. This chat is visible and accessible only to the user and the user can send messages to this chat just like one sends messages to other chats. It’s more like a personal chat to be exact.

Many users have tried to add this private chat before, by creating a group with a member and then removing that member, leaving the group alone. Personal chat serves as an important feature as users can save urgent and important notes, important messages, documents, links, images, videos and other data anywhere they want and keep themselves at the same time. Sharing with someone else via WhatsApp.

Unfortunately, the Message Yourself feature is not available to test at the time of writing. However, we will keep an eye on the update and try to keep you posted. So, stay tuned with 91mobiles.

Written By Sabhitech

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