Watch: Samsung again mocks Apple in new ad, this time for iPhone design


How Samsung mocks Apple in new ad?

In the ad, the fence sitter refers to consumers who are torn between buying an Apple iPhone or a Samsung smartphone. The man in the ad claims he won’t switch to Samsung out of concern for his friends’ reactions, but his friend responded, “When you pull out your new Galaxy Z Flip4, people miss it.” The man is then given a Galaxy Z Flip4, after which his friends come out from behind the fence to congratulate the device. “Time to get off the fence” and “The Galaxy Awaits You” are the last two titles of the ad.

Previously Samsung vs Apple

Samsung released an ‘On the Fence’ ad last month, in which an iPhone user (unnamed) sat on a fence looking at Samsung, where he could see “folding phones and epic cameras”. When iPhone users explain that “we’re waiting for it all to get here,” he wonders why they should wait when the technology is already available. “That’s what we do,” “We wait,” said his friend.

Meanwhile, during the launch iPhone 14 series, Samsung trolled Apple in its “Buckle Up” ad. The ad begins with the narrator saying, “Brace yourself for Apple’s latest launch, as you enter a world where heads will turn, not in your direction.” The announcement then highlighted features like the Samsung Galaxy Flip4’s clamshell design and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra’s 108MP camera with Moon Mode, saying “this innovation is coming soon to an iPhone near you, and it’s already in the Galaxy.”


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