[Exclusive] Nothing sub-brand ‘Particles by XO’ launching soon; first look at unique new TWS earbuds


A new brand from Particles, Nothing by XO is launching soon

At the moment, it’s unclear whether the Nothing offshoot will be called ‘Particles by XO’ or just XO, but Particles is the name of an upcoming audio production. The name already exists Trademarked Under a shell company in the US. While we wait for nothing to officially announce this new sub-brand, Cuba managed to uncover some images of the particles through the XO TWS earbuds.

First look at the new TWS earbuds from Nothing

The images provided by Kuba show very unique looking true wireless earbuds with a well-rounded, peanut-shaped design language. The L-shaped form factor means that the body points upwards when placed in the ear. The last image shows what the puck-shaped charging case for the earbuds looks like. Overall, the design looks minimalistic and not as “transparent” as the Nothing Ear (1) – which is probably why the Nothing Earbuds don’t want to launch with a new brand.

The earbuds’ quirky design suggests the new ‘Particles’ sub-brand could be aimed at a more fashion-centric audience in the US market. After all, the brand recently launched the Nothing Ear Stick with a lipstick case-like design.

We have a few more key details to share about the upcoming Particles by XO earbuds. First, the earbuds were codenamed B154 (the Nothing Year 2 is called B155 internally). Second, the firmware from Nothing Servers confirms that the TWS earbuds will have LHDC (Low Latency High-Definition Audio Codec) and ANC (Active Noise Cancellation). So we’re probably expecting a pair of premium, fashionable earbuds to launch in the US soon.


Source by 91 Mobiles

Written By Sabhitech

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