Twitter Blue subscription relaunch date revealed by Elon Musk


The tech billionaire also hinted that in a few months, all unpaid legacy blue checkmarks will be removed.

Twitter Blue subscription will resume soon

Musk wrote on the microblogging site that “Blue Verified will be back up until November 29th to make sure it’s rock solid.” “All unpaid legacy blue checkmarks will be removed within a few months,” he added.

According to the Twitter chief, making changes to your verified name will result in the loss of the blue tick until Twitter confirms that the name complies with the new version and terms of service.

“With the new release, changing your verified name will cause the checkmark to be lost until the name is verified by Twitter in accordance with the Terms of Service,” Musk wrote.

Twitter Blue features

According to reports, subscribers who choose Twitter Blue will get the same blue checkmark as the celebrities, companies and politicians they already follow. Not only that, they get priority in replies, searches and mentions.

Twitter Blue subscribers can also post longer audio and video files. Plus, they have to go through half the ads, which are more relevant to them. Also, users can edit their tweets, which many people crave.

Twitter Blue Subscription Price in India

In countries like the US, Australia and Canada, the platform costs $7.99 for a Twitter Blue subscription, the same service. Set India Rs. 719 (about $8.91). The Rs 719 Twitter Blue subscription price in India is surprising as Musk has said that prices will be adjusted across countries based on purchasing power.


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