Google enables UPI autopay on Play Store: here’s how it works


How to Use UPI for Google Play Store Payments

To use UPI for this Google Play Store, users need to access the Payments section. From this section, they need to add their registered UPI IDs to their Google accounts to make payments. Adding this medium will allow services to deduct charges for payment apps and in-app subscriptions by using UPI IDs directly.

On the subscription screen for any service, users can now select their added UPI ID and use this ID to grant paid subscription to their UPI ID. Customers will be required to authenticate the first transaction on their UPI ID by using their UPI Security PIN, but the same will not be asked at a later stage when the subscription is renewed every month — as has historically worked with card-based recurring payments.

Saurabh Agarwal, Head of Google Play Retail and Payments Activation for India, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand, said in a post Google Play today offers payment services in 170 markets and over 300 local payment methods available in over 60 countries. “UPI is one such payment option,” the executive added.


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