IPL 2023: Do You Know How Meny Balls Used In IPL Matches Costs and How It Made

IPL 2023 Ball Price and Facts: Test cricket is the oldest format, but T20 cricket came after ODI. Apart from International T20, many T20 leagues are played around the world including IPL. IPL 2023 matches are going on now, but do you know how much the balls used in IPL cost? In fact, different balls are used in different formats of cricket. The red ball is used in the Test format… while the white ball is generally used in the T20 format apart from ODIs.

Balls of these companies…

But do you know how much these balls cost? In fact, apart from ODIs, the white ball is used in international T20 and IPL matches. Along with Kookaburra, the SG company is the most popular of the ball manufacturers. Apart from IPL, all the balls used in international matches are waterproof, which means that water does not affect these balls. Apart from ODIs, the price of a white ball used in international T20 and IPL matches is around Rs.12,000.

How much do these balls cost?

However, according to sports site SportsRush, the price of balls from different companies varies. For example, the cost of a ball belonging to the Kookaburra company is around 12 thousand rupees. Apart from this, SG company’s white ball is priced at Rs 4000. These are made of pure leather due to which water does not enter these balls. Say Kookaburra and SG Company’s balls are manufactured in Meerut and Jalandhar in India.

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