iPhone 14 Pro Always-On Display gets customisation in iOS 16.2 update, makes it more Android-like


In Always On Display iPhone 14 Pro Different from Android. It dims the display while maintaining full visibility of the background and all other widgets on the screen, compared to Android phones, which often adopt a more minimalist style and display notification icons on a black background.

Apple now provides the ability to disable the AOD background with the most recent iOS beta version. Additionally, you can disable notifications if you prefer a more minimalistic use of AOD. This is a welcome move as many users have complained Apple’s complex AOD Since its first release.

Apart from this, Apple also refreshes Apple Music Play and shuffle the buttons, adding extra pop and translucency. These translucent buttons reflect the background colors of the featured album art.

These features are currently only available in OS 16.2 beta. You can sign up for the developer program, but you have to pay a membership fee. If you want to enroll in the beta, proceed with caution–there are bugs–and back up your data. You can also wait for the release of the stable version to avoid entering the beta.


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Written By Sabhitech

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