God of War Ragnarok runtime leaked


According to Henderson, God of War Ragnarok’s runtime will be 40 hours, with 20 hours for the main story. According to Henderson’s sources, the 20-hour-long story will have around 3-and-a-half hours of cinematic cutscenes and 16-and-a-half hours of gameplay. The remaining 20 hours consist of side quests with 1 hour of cutscenes and 19 hours of gameplay. That being said, these are estimated numbers and total playtime will depend on how you play the game. If you want to explore the open world and take your time to fully experience the game, God of War Ragnarok will take you more than 40 hours to complete.

If Henderson’s sources are accurate, God of War Ragnarok’s main story will be the same as 2018’s God of War. However, Ragnarok may be longer than the entire 2018 title due to the nearly 9 hours of additional side quests. David Jaffe, lead designer and game director of the original God of War, made similar claims against him YouTube channel last year Jaffe said, “I’m hearing from people who know that game is 40 hours. They are aiming for 40 hours of gameplay. If these claims are true, then the overall experience of God of War Ragnarok will be long and satisfying.


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