Apple Watch Series 7 user claims his smartwatch heated up and exploded


According to an affected user, the Apple Watch Series 7 exploded after the smartwatch’s battery overheated and expanded. In particular, the Apple Watch Series 7 Launched last year.

According to a Report, a user’s Apple Watch Series 7 battery expanded, overheated and eventually ‘exploded.’ When the incident was brought to Apple’s attention, the company confirmed that it would investigate the matter, but the user claimed that Apple asked him to sign a document not to speak publicly about the incident.

In a conversation with 9to5Mac, the affected user said he noticed his Apple Watch Series 7 heating up more than usual. After a closer look, the user found that the back panel of the Apple Watch had cracked and was showing a warning that the smartwatch needed to shut down due to high temperature. According to a 9to5Mac report, the room temperature in the user’s home was just over 70 degrees Fahrenheit (about 21 degrees Celsius).

Back panel of Apple Watch Series 7. (Image credit: 9to5Mac)

When a user calls Apple support to explain the situation, the call escalates through multiple levels of Apple support. Eventually, an executive created a case for further investigation. Apple support advises the user not to touch the watch until they hear back from them.

The next morning, the situation worsened. The user woke up to the fact that the Apple Watch was hotter to the touch and the heat destroyed the Apple Watch Series 7’s display. When he picked it up to send Apple pictures, he heard cracking sounds coming from the device. According to the user’s account, the user was about to throw it out of his window when it exploded.

The user claimed that the watch left burn marks on his couch, and he went to the hospital after the incident to determine if he had lead poisoning. Although the Apple Watch does not contain enough lead to lead to poisoning, the user is concerned about it.

He reached out to Apple again to give an update on the situation. He was told that the case was a top priority at this time and that he would get an update in the next few days. When the user heard back from Apple, the company said it had arranged a delivery pickup and was taking the smartwatch to its labs for further testing.

Now, it is not yet known what caused the Apple Watch to explode. The exact reason is yet to be discovered, the Apple Watch uses lithium-ion Can explode for many reasons Short circuit, physical damage to the battery, overcharging, using a third-party charger and more.


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