Apple rolls out iPhone 5G update in India with iOS 16.2 beta



Apple has finally started rolling out a software update that will enable 5G support on iPhones in India. Called iOS 16.2, the update will enable the feature on iPhones with the necessary compatible hardware. As a result, after receiving the update, users of iPhones starting from the iPhone 12 lineup of 2020 will be able to use 5G services on their devices – as long as connectivity is available in their respective regions.

Apple released the update on its beta channel

However, even though this feature is just around the corner, not every iPhone user in India will get it right away. Apple released iOS 16.2 as a Beta update For now, that means only those signed up to receive Apple’s beta software updates will receive it for now.

A beta channel is where Apple releases a version of its software update to a relatively small subset of users, before it becomes available to everyone. This technique is practiced by every technology company and is done to check the software for any bugs or glitches before making it available to everyone.

with iOS 16.2, users of Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel will get the ability to use 5G in select circles where the telcos have launched the initial phase of 5G connectivity. Users of select Android smartphones in these circles have already posted on social media about their experience using 5G connectivity – including the stability of connectivity and faster bandwidth compared to 4G.

On iPhones, 5G will reportedly be available in two modes – 5G On and 5G Auto. 5G On tries to establish a 5G connection all the time and thus consumes more battery, the ‘auto’ mode switches to 4G when the signal is scarce. The description states that it will ‘auto’ switch to 5G only when not consuming too much battery power.

As the update is in beta here, all iPhone users in India will receive the same in about a month at the latest.


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