Honda unveils Honda EM1 e electric scooter: design, features, specifications


The availability of the Honda EM 1 e electric scooter in India is not known, but the scooter will come with the same battery-swapping technology that is currently being tested in India. Although India is one of the fastest growing EV markets, Honda is one of the big manufacturers that currently does not offer electric vehicles in the country. Honda is likely to launch an electric scooter designed exclusively for India.

Honda EM1 e electric scooter design

Honda’s EM1 e, which translates to electric moped, is aimed at the younger demographic of the audience and designed accordingly. The e-scooter has a removable battery pack as one of its highlight features.

Honda’s removable battery pack feature, as per company regulations The Honda Mobile Power Pack can provide added practicality in terms of range. The Honda EM1 e gets a range of 40km on a single charge. The teaser video showed an estimated range of 59 km when the scooter is at 92 percent charge. If Honda decides to launch an e-scooter in India, a removable battery pack will come in handy. Indian consumers are used to a real-world range of around 90-100 km.

While not much is said about the EM1 e electric scooter, some mechanical specifications do come into the picture. The Honda EM1 e gets a 10-inch rear wheel with a hub-mounted motor. A larger 12-inch wheel with disc brake and telescopic fork setup is available first. The e-scooter gets LED lighting and LCD MID on the dashboard.

The scooter is expected to go on sale in Europe in the summer of 2023 and the price of the Honda EM1 e will be announced around that time. The company is yet to propose a launch timeline for India.


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