Apple iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone 14 Pro Max camera comparison: a noticeable upgrade? |


Apple recently discontinued its iPhone 14 series iPhone 14The iPhone 14 PlusThe iPhone 14 Pro And yet iPhone 14 Pro Max. There are many parallels with non-pro models iPhone 13 (Review), Apple has brought significant improvements to the iPhone 14 Pro range, including a faster SoC, a new take on the display notch, and improved cameras. Of course, there’s a lot of confusion on the interwebs about the handset’s 48MP primary sensor, which is why I decided to pit the cameras on the iPhone 14 Pro Max against the iPhone 13 Pro, to get an idea of ​​the latest entry’s camera capabilities. I covered several different scenarios, including shots captured during the day and night, as well as images captured through the phones’ respective wide-angle and telephoto lenses. I’ve linked the results in the video below, so give it some thought.

As evident from the video, the iPhone 13 Pro is still a stellar camera phone and the device manages to outperform the iPhone 14 Pro Max in low-light scenarios. What’s more, while the iPhone 14 Pro Max scores slightly better than the iPhone 13 Pro in daylight conditions, the handset’s output is not in leagues with its predecessor. We’ll be testing the iPhone 14 Pro Max cameras against high-end Androids soon, so stay tuned to our blog for more in-depth camera comparison articles.


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