10 best survival games for PC in 2022: Minecraft, Valheim, Rust, and more


Survival games have become very popular over the years, thanks to their beautiful worlds and challenging mechanics. Whether it’s defeating an Ender Dragon in Minecraft or making crucial life-changing decisions in Frostpunk, survival games come with their own flavor. Although the main objective is to survive, survival games have a wide range of stories and worlds to explore. Survival games are known for their amazingly detailed environments and fun gameplay experience. Although survival games can seem a bit punishing due to their permadeath mechanics, they can be quite exciting when it comes to exploration and crafting. Here are some of the best survival games you can play on PC:

Best survival games for PC

  • Minecraft
  • Walheim
  • Rust
  • ARK: Survival Evolved
  • Dazed
  • under water
  • Grounded
  • Escape from Tarkov
  • Frostpunk
  • This war of mine


Survival games

Minecraft is one of the best survival games. Minecraft’s iconic colorful and block-shaped world features some dangerous mobs and exciting adventures. You must collect resources to craft tools and weapons as well as build houses. The game is very punishing for deceased players as you have to go back to your corpse to recall lost items. Minecraft has several biomes that give you access to a variety of resources that can be used to fight bosses.

Minecraft Price in India

  • Minecraft can be downloaded as part of Xbox Game Pass for PC, which costs Rs. 349 and taxes

Download here – Microsoft Store


Valheim is a survival and exploration game inspired by Norse mythology. Just like Minecraft, you must search for resources to craft weapons, build houses, and defeat bosses to prove your worth to Odin. You play as a Viking exploring the beautiful procedurally generated world of Valheim and sail the high seas in search of new lands and biomes.

Walheim price in india

Download here – steam


Rust is a hardcore survival game where you are stranded on an island and have to fight dangerous wildlife and other survivors. You start with nothing more than a rock and a torch, and you have to find materials to build a shelter, craft clothes and armor, and craft weapons to survive. Rust also has vehicles like cars, helicopters and trains to help you explore its dangerous world faster.

Rust price in India

Download here – steam

ARK: Survival Evolved

Just like Rust, you’re stranded on a mysterious island in ARK: Survival Evolved, where you must find ingredients, grow crops, build shelters, and research technologies. What makes ARK unique is that its world is full of giant dinosaurs and other ancient creatures. There are over 100 creatures in the game that can be found, tamed, trained, raised or hunted. ARK also has some RPG elements that allow you to upgrade the stats of weapons and armor.

ARK: Survival Evolved price in India

  • ARK: Survival Evolved – Rs 699

Download here – steam, Epic Games Store


DayZ is another hardcore survival game that takes place in a world full of zombies. You must hunt, craft, build and manage resources to survive the unforgiving world of DayZ. Along with zombies, you will encounter wild animals and other creatures that try to attack you. The game features many stunning landscapes and iconic landmarks based on real-world locations.

DayZ Price in India

  • DayZ – Rs 2,799
  • DayZ Livonia Edition – Rs. 3,283

Download here – steam


Subnautica is an underwater survival game set on an alien ocean planet. After crash-landing on an alien planet, you must survive underwater and maintain your oxygen supply while exploring coral reefs, deep-sea trenches, bioluminescent rivers, and lava fields. You also need to build bases and craft gear using the resources you find during exploration.

Subnautica Price in India

Download here – steam


In Grounded, your player model is shrunk down to the size of an ant and you must survive against the insects in the backyard. The insects around you react to your every move so you have to explore and find the materials you need to build your base. You can also craft weapons, tools and armor to fight dangerous insects.

Land Price in India

Download here – steam

Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a survival shooter with some battle royale elements. You spawn on a map with some other players and enemy NPCs. The goal is to reach the exfiltration zone at the other end while fighting other players and NPCs. You’ll find plenty of loot that you can sell in the game’s marketplace to collect other resources. Apart from these, Escape from Tarkov has great gunplay and excellent gun customization options.

Escape Tarkov Price in India

  • Escape from Tarkov Standard Edition – Rs. 3,488
  • Escape from Tarkov Left Behind Edition – Rs. 5,814
  • Get ready for Escape Escape Edition from Tarkov – Rs. 7,752
  • Escape from Tarkov’s Edge of Darkness Edition – Rs. 10,854

Download here – Escape from Tarkov official website


Frostpunk is set in a frozen world where you must help the last city on Earth survive against the extreme cold. You must make key decisions to ensure your community survives and manage resources as well as establish laws. Your decisions will shape your society and have far-reaching consequences on the fate of your city.

Frostpunk price in india

Download here – steam, Epic Games Store

This war of mine

In This War of Mine, you play as a citizen of a besieged city suffering from a shortage of food and medicine. As a result of the ongoing battle you are under constant threat from snipers and enemy scavengers. You must make life-or-death decisions to protect everyone in your shelter while searching for materials and crafting the necessary equipment.

This war of mine price in India

  • This War of Mine – Rs 529

Download here – steam


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