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Looking to browse a website blocked by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or your organization? Below are some of the best proxy websites you can use to access websites anonymously quickly and for free. Proxy websites differ from VPNs in that they do not have a paywall and require registration. Websites are simple and straightforward and can be visited from any device of your choice including smartphone, tablet and laptop/ PC. On that note, let’s take a look at the best proxy websites to unblock websites and browse anonymously for free:

Top Free Proxy Websites

Proxy site Best for
ProxySite.com Browsing over an encrypted SSL connection
CroxyProxy Hides user’s IP address while browsing
4EverProxy Support tons of servers and IP locations to connect to while browsing
Turbohyde Bypass any firewall restrictions
Kproxy Ease of use, Chrome extension
ProxFree There is an option to hide the IP address
VPNBOOK Safe Browsing. 256-bit SSL encryption is supported
Filter Bypass AES-256 GCM-level data encryption, extension support for Chrome and Firefox, and high-quality video streaming
Hydester Presents the website in a fast and secure manner.
Mywebproxy Browse without URL encryption, cookies

1. ProxySite.com

Best free proxy websites to use

proxy site One of the easiest to use proxy websites out there. With a simple and straightforward UI, users can visit any website of their choice by typing it in the search bar and can also choose between different US and European servers. The website claims to send browsing data back to the user over an encrypted SSL connection, bypassing restrictions and filters set by a higher authority such as the employer, school or government. The Site also allows users to see cookies stored on their computers by previously browsed websites and delete them with the click of a button.

2. CroxyProxy

Best Proxy Websites - CroxyProxy

There may be cases where schools, colleges and offices restrict access to popular websites like YouTube on their wireless network. To bypass such restrictions, such as proxy websites CroxyProxy Really useful. The website allows users to browse blocked websites. CroxyProxy also hides the user’s IP address and serves web content with SSL encryption. While the basic version of this particular proxy is free, the premium version removes all ads and supports more servers from Germany, UK, Finland, US and Canada.

3. 4EverProxy

Best Proxy Websites - 4everproxy

4EverProxy Another trusted proxy that can be used to browse blocked websites in an organization or office. It comes with support of tons of servers and IP locations to connect to. In addition, the proxy site includes the option to enable/disable website cookies. To ensure maximum security, 4EverProxy has built its own DNS service that protects user data from leaking and compromising confidential information. It also claims that its proxy does not store any network metadata when viewing websites.

4. Turbohyde

Best Proxy Websites - TurboHide

Turbohyde Comes with a minimal and simple website design with all the features required from a proxy website. Like the other proxies on this list, TurboHide allows visitors to bypass any firewall restrictions set by schools, colleges, and offices while keeping the user’s identity completely anonymous. It provides functionality to remove website trackers first through a simple toggle below the search bar.

5. Kproxy

Best Proxy Websites - Kproxy

If you are a regular user of proxy websites Kproxy Might be worth checking out. Apart from accessing firewall-restricted websites, this proxy website also comes as a Chrome extension. So every time you try to visit websites blocked by the authorities, enable the extension and start browsing. The extension supports encryption of the connection between the browser and the target server for private and secure internet surfing.

6. ProxFree

Best Proxy Websites - ProxyFree

Another free proxy site you can use to bypass network restriction ProxFree Has servers from three countries including UK and US. Apart from that, users can quickly hide their IP address by choosing from many locations around the world.


Best Proxy Websites - VPNBOOK

Coming up next VPNBOOK Proxy website. The main highlight of this website is that it supports 256-bit SSL encryption, which is meant to bypass even government-censored websites. Apart from that, users can choose between servers from US, UK and Canada, which may seem limited compared to other proxy websites, but ultimately gets the job done to access the most restricted websites. Finally, hiding your IP address also supports secure and anonymous browsing.

8. Filter Bypass

Best Proxy Websites - FilterBypass

Filter Bypass Advanced proxy website with variety of features. The website uses AES-256 GCM-level encryption keeps browsing data between you and your computer. Also, when visiting websites that are not secured with SSL, the proxy tries to obtain the SSL version to protect the user’s privacy and identity. Since the servers are located in the US and Europe, the website allows you to enjoy videos from most streaming servers in the highest possible quality. Finally, for users who frequently access restricted websites, FilterBypass also comes as a browser extension for Google Chrome and Firefox.

9. Hidester

Best Proxy Websites - Hidester

For those who want to visit a blocked website from behind a firewall, cover up Can prove to be really useful. This free proxy website bypasses all the barriers set by the management in schools, colleges, offices etc and provides the website to the user in a fast and secure manner. Furthermore, the website can also mask IP addresses without leaving any traces. A Chrome extension is also provided which can be downloaded for free without any registration required.

10. Mywebproxy

Mywebproxy works exactly like TurboHide mentioned earlier in the article. It has a very basic layout with a single server to connect to the United States. Apart from that, users can also choose to disable cookies and turn URL encryption on or off for the websites they visit. Type a website address in the search bar and browse anonymously.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a proxy website and how does it work?

A proxy is a website that allows users to access and visit blocked, banned or restricted websites on their devices. These websites connect to other web servers to provide access to blocked/restricted websites without compromising the IP address. Here’s how it works:

Every computer or Internet-based device has its own Internet Protocol (IP) address through which it communicates with a web server. On the other hand, proxy websites have their own IP address through which they can connect to websites that are restricted or blocked from accessing those websites because the users IP is blocked. Consider proxy sites as an intermediary between your device and a web server, which masks your device’s information and delivers intended web content.

Do proxy websites change your IP address?

Yes, proxy websites actually change the IP address of a user’s device when visiting restricted or blocked websites. In this way, the web server does not detect your exact location and does not track the data.

Is it safe to use proxy websites?

Proxy websites are safe as long as you don’t enter deeply private or personal information on blocked websites. What a proxy does is send traffic to other servers to serve you the website you want to visit. Many free proxy websites claim to encrypt data before sending it to the server. In that case, users are responsible for their own privacy and security while browsing heavily through proxy websites.

How can I find proxy sites?

Proxy websites can be easily found by searching on Google or using any of the websites mentioned above.

Are proxy sites legit?

Proxy websites are legal as long as they are not prohibited or restricted in any way by the government.


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