Will BGMI come back in India? New Krafton update sparks unban rumours


Many users have come across the events section of the game that mentions the user guide. It has the same tutorials updated on the official website of the game. When users check out the user guide in the events section, they are redirected to the player support channel on YouTube.

Will BGMI make a comeback in India?

There are four videos on BGMI’s YouTube support page and they are described as follows:

  • Guide for adding, removing and blocking friends: It explains how to send friend requests, accept new friend requests, remove friends from the game, and add friends to the blacklist.
  • Guide to delete account: This shows how to permanently remove your account from the game.
  • Guide to unlinking an account: This explains how to remove your social media account previously linked to the game.
  • A Guide to User Reporting: This explains how to report hackers and cheaters in the game.

It is not clear why these videos were added on the site and in the game. But it certainly caught the attention of the gaming market, and rumors of the game’s return flowed. In response to the recall, the Indian government has ordered the removal of BGMI from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This is Reflects on July 28. RTI confirmed that MeitY banned the game on requests made by MHA.

However, the game is still playable for those who have it installed, but it is not receiving any updates. Recently, prominent BGMI players Soumraj and AKop hinted that the game will return to India in 2023 with a new publisher. However, on the other hand, content creators like Scout0P and Dynamo in the community stated that they are not optimistic about the game’s comeback. In the future.

Anuj Tandon, Crofton’s India executive of corporate development and investments, left his post this week. These events gradually lead to the return of the game to the country.


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