Why was Instagram suspending accounts, deleting followers?


Why is Instagram suspending accounts and deleting followers?

Instagram (accidentally) suspended thousands of accounts, after which influencers and regular people on the platform (including those with private profiles) saw a huge drop in followers. The company has acknowledged the issue and said it is aware that some users are experiencing problems accessing their Instagram account. The social media giant has promised to work on fixing it.

After the update was completed, Instagram clarified that it was a bug that caused panic among users and influencer accounts. The social media giant says it has fixed the issue and users can now access their accounts as usual.

We have now fixed this bug – which caused people in different parts of the world to have problems accessing their accounts and caused a temporary change in follower count for some” said Instagram.

It comes after just one week WhatsApp is down in the country For almost two hours, it was a prolonged outage where users were unable to send/receive photos, videos and messages. It sounds like 25,000 users across the country are facing issues. WhatsApp released a statement after the outage.A technical glitch on our side caused a brief stoppage and has now been resolved.

In the future, if you ever face a problem logging into your Instagram account, here it is How can you get it back?


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