WhatsApp new update: Polls now available for all Android and iOS users


WhatsApp latest update features polls

Once a poll is added to a group chat or individual chat, users, including the poll creator, have the option to vote on several options. They can vote for one option, but have the option to vote for 12 options, which is the upper limit of the number of options the poll creator can add.

Additionally, users can later change the option they voted on. This feature was previously seen in a beta build, but was limited to group chats. With the latest stable release, the feature is available for everyone, even for private chats.

How to Create WhatsApp Polls

To create a WhatsApp poll, make sure you have updated the app to its latest version. To post it, you should:

  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Go to group/individual chat
  3. Tap on the attachment button on Android or the + button if you’re on iOS
  4. Mark the poll option
  5. Input your question in the ‘Ask Question’ field and add options for voting
  6. Voila!

WhatsApp Companion Mode is now available in beta

WhatsApp Companion Mode

WhatsApp has also introduced Companion Mode in its latest beta build. This feature allows users to access the same WhatsApp account on both smartphones. This feature essentially allows users to link a new device with an existing account on their existing device. This makes it very easy to access WhatsApp on multiple devices. After linking, the entire WhatsApp chat will be synced across both devices.


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