This is what the first Android phone could have looked like: co-founder shares render


The render shared by Miner shows the black and neon phone to be identical to the original HTC Dream, but with a sling keyboard and physical button. The leaked device packs more punch than the final look of the HTC Dream, which stands out with its neon green keyboard.

At the top left corner of the display is the Google logo, which is also neon. It also has a jog wheel, which is used for navigation. Instead, the HTC Dream received a trackball.

The design of the phone has too many buttons in all the places. At the bottom of the handset are answer, reject, go home and back keys as well as email and “@” sign keys. On the other hand, HTC Dream has only five buttons.

Miner said they were working on two phones at the time: the “Quick,” a BlackBerry-like handset, and the “Dream.” However, after the launch of the iPhone, the company will double down on developing the sunset “fast” and “dream”.


Source by 91 Mobiles

Written By Sabhitech

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