Stuffcool PB9018W Magnetic Wireless Powerbank review: all about convenience


Apple’s MagSafe charging tech was announced back in 2020 for iPhones, making its debut alongside the iPhone 12 series. And right away, it’s clear that the Cupertino giant aims to make convenience a key selling point for the new tech, rather than fast charging. A host of MagSafe-compatible accessories quickly popped up like mushrooms, including a range of chargers and mounting solutions designed for desk and car.


MagSafe-compatible power banks are another segment that has emerged, and that’s the topic I’m addressing here. You see, I have a StuffCool PB9018W wireless powerbank designed to work with MagSafe, and if you’re an iPhone user, getting one of these makes a lot of sense. Here’s why I think so.



First, the basics. This power bank has a 10,000mAh battery pack and yet is very compact. You can get it in white or blue and the design is minimal. It’s a smooth slab of plastic, and one end of the block becomes slightly thinner than the rest of the body. Here you will find a mirror-finished strip that has a small display that indicates the battery level when the power bank is turned on. To turn it on, there is a small button at the end next to the Type-C and Type-A port.



Turn the device over and you’ll see a circle with a lightning bolt in the middle – indicating the wireless charging area. It aligns with the magnets on the back of MagSafe-compatible iPhones, ie iPhone 12 and up. I tried with one iPhone 14 Pro Max, and the power bank is magnetically locked back. The magnetic force is very strong, but remember that you should put your iPhone in a MagSafe case or use a power bank on the iPhone for best results. The power bank also works with non-MagSafe cases, but it doesn’t attach very well and slips/falls off very easily.



Offering 15W wireless charging, the Stuffcool Magnetic Wireless Powerbank took one hour and 15 minutes to charge the iPhone 14 Pro Max to 50 percent, draining the power bank’s battery to 56 percent in the process. The iPhone battery reached 80 percent in 2 hours and 15 minutes and was fully juiced in 3 hours, with 18 percent power still left in the tank. In fact, with support for Qi wireless charging, the power bank works as a common wireless charger for all compatible devices and can juice up accessories like AirPods Pro sans cables, in addition to smartphones that have this feature.



When it comes to wired charging, the StuffCool Magnetic Wireless Powerbank offers up to 22.5W QC3.0+ through its Type-A port and PD20W fast charging through its Type-C port. Samsung does not support PPS Super Fast Charging though. Note that the same Type-C port works for input as well and the power bank gets fully juiced up in around 3 hours. If you want, you can charge your devices with it.

The StuffCool Magnetic Wireless Powerbank is priced at Rs 4,999 and seems overpriced when compared to others. But then again, it’s made in India, claims to have built-in security protocols, and also holds the promise of StuffCool. If you are quick, you can get special. Limited-time Black Friday deal and Rs. Get it for 4,241. The device seems prone to scratches and scuffs with normal use – the blue is better in this regard, but that mirror-finished strip is hard to keep clean.

All in all, it’s a compact, capable power bank that’s easy to carry and very convenient to use… and worth buying, especially if you’re an iPhone user.

Editor’s Rating: 4/5


  • The MagSafe capacity is convenient
  • Fast charging
  • Compact
  • Multiple charging options


  • May scratch
  • A bit expensive


Source by 91 Mobiles

Written By Sabhitech

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