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According to Steam’s adjusted regional pricing, a $60 game in India will now cost Rs. 2,400, compared to the previous price of Rs. 1,299 increased from In addition to the Indian Rupee, the regional price is converted to 38 other currencies on Steam, including the Turkish Lira, Canadian Dollar, Chinese Yuan, Polish Zloty, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar and others. In it Official update, Valve said, “As purchasing power and foreign exchange rates continue to evolve, we need to make significant changes to those exchange recommendations to stay current.” The company added, “The new recommendations are now live – but as always, developers on Steam are in control of their own pricing. No product uses our recommended conversions for all, some, or other currencies.

While most publishers use Steam’s recommended regional prices for games, there are some who don’t. For example, Activision’s newest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is priced at Rs. 4,999 On Steam, it is higher than the old and current regional price. If the developer is planning to sell their games at discounted prices soon, they may not increase the regional price right away. Valve says, “Price increases create a 28-day cooldown on the discount for all regions (even if you only increase the price in a single currency). Some developers choose to wait to make price changes after the discount, when the product is already on discount cooldown. It remains to be seen how the price of PC games on Steam will be affected in the coming months.


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