‘Russia-Ukraine war teaches a lesson that…’, said CDS General Anil Chauhan


CDS General Anil Chauhan: In the ongoing Raisima Dialogue in Delhi, CDS Anil Chauhan has said on Friday (March 03) that a lesson can be learned from the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Indian armed forces can learn from this war that they should not depend on other countries for weapons and military equipment. Along with this, he also talked about self-reliance in the defense sector.

General Chouhan said that the government’s initiatives to ensure self-reliance in the defense sector are providing the option of producing major equipment and weapon systems in large numbers. He also said that the Ukraine war has raised the question of whether countries should develop capabilities for short, intense wars, or whether they should be prepared for longer ones.

‘Need to be self-sufficient’

The CDS said, “In the case of India, we really have to see what kind of challenge we may face in the future… We do not see any long-term trend of what is happening in Europe. There is going to be a struggle (here).” He said, “We need to be self-reliant–this is the biggest lesson for us (the Ukraine war). We cannot depend on supplies coming from outside (other countries) for our weapons. This is a big lesson we learn from the struggle.

Australia criticized Russia

General Chouhan also said that the idea that wars in modern times would be “short and intense” but “what we are seeing (in Ukraine) is a long war”. In his remarks at the session, General Angus J Campbell, chief of the Australian Defense Force, criticized Russia for the Ukraine war. “It is an illegal, unjustified and merciless attack and violates sovereign territory and the integrity of a sovereign nation,” he said.

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