Is H3N2 Influenza Linked to Covid-19? How dangerous, know what experts say

H3N2 Influenza And Covid-19: On the one hand, people got relief due to the decrease in the cases of Coronavirus in India, on the other hand, now H3N2 Influenza Virus has started spreading its foot. The cases of cold-cough and fever have started increasing rapidly. The health officials of the country are also worried about this. The number of admissions in ICU is increasing and health officials have suggested increasing testing.

A scientist studying the virus told media outlet Mint that Corona virus And influenza both have similar symptoms and they can survive for two to three months. His infection is traveling in the community. The scientist said that the samples of patients suspected of influenza are also being tested for corona.

‘Increasing cases due to mutation’

Randeep Guleria, president of the Institute of Internal Medicine Education, said that the mutation of H1N1 virus to H3N2 virus spreads around this time every year. The number of cases is increasing due to their mutations. He told news agency ANI, “When the weather changes at this time of the year, there are more chances of getting influenza. We are also feeling that now that there is no corona, people have stopped wearing masks too. There should be a crowd again.” In such a situation, the virus is spreading more rapidly.

‘Corona test should also increase’

However, the top official told Mint that the number of corona tests should be increased if such cases (cough-fever) increase. “The government should immediately direct the Integrated Disease Surveillance Program to increase surveillance and testing,” the official told Mint. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has launched pan-India respiratory surveillance in 30 viral research and diagnostic laboratories.

save like this

    • Wash hands regularly and avoid shaking hands and spitting in public.


    • Avoid touching eyes and nose.


    • Cover the mouth and nose while coughing.


    • It is necessary to wear a mask while going out of the house.


    • Avoid going to polluted places.


    • Consume more and more liquids.


    • Take paracetamol in case of body pain or fever.


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