Indians bought fewer but more expensive phones during this festive season: Report


How Indians are currently buying phones

According to an IDC report, 5G phones’ share of total shipments increased, even as shipments of phones fell 10 percent in the year’s strongest shipment quarter. According to the company, 36 percent, or 16 million phones, of all smartphones shipped in India between July and September were 5G-enabled — marking the highest share of 5G phones among new phone shipments in a single quarter.

With this, IDC said there are over 67 million active 5G phones in India, even though the rollout of 5G services is still in its early stages. According to a Mint According to the report, Navkender Singh, associate vice president of client devices at IDC, said India could have around 80 million active 5G devices in the country before the end of this year.

As for pricing, the average selling price of a smartphone in the country during the festive quarter last year was Rs. 14,500, this year Rs. The IDC report highlighted that it has increased to 18,500. Rs. This represents a year-on-year increase of around 28 percent due to the unavailability of less than 15,000 5G phones.

However, 5G phones, in particular, have seen a decline in overall prices. According to the report, the average price of a 5G phone in India in early 2020 will be Rs. 39,000, it is Rs. 32,000 — though that’s still 70 percent more than the average selling price. Smartphone in India right now.


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