How is BJP winning elections one after the other? PM Modi himself told the reason


PM Modi On BJP Win: PM after the election results of the three North Eastern states of Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) told how BJP is winning elections one after the other. He himself answered the questions arising in the minds of supporters and critics. He was addressing party members after the declaration of election results at the BJP headquarters in Delhi.

A day after the results of the assembly elections in three states were declared, PM Modi came to know how BJP is winning election after election. BJP remained intact in Tripura. It also won Nagaland along with its ally NDPP. Along with this, BJP is also ready to become a partner in CM Konrad Sangma’s NPP and be a part of the government in Meghalaya.

PM Modi told the reason for winning

Taking a dig at the party’s rivals, PM Modi said that there are certain well-wishers of the BJP who are troubled by the party’s continuous success and wonder how we keep winning elections. PM Modi said that it was “Triveni” that helped BJP win the election. The secret of BJP’s victory is hidden in Triveni. Its first power is the work of the BJP governments, the second power is the work culture of the BJP governments and the third power is the service spirit of the BJP workers. BJP workers are known for their discipline.

PM Modi’s attack on the opposition

PM Modi said that a political model existed in which difficult tasks were never done and politicians used to think of easy ways to mislead people. He said that there was a time when politicians thought only about the next generation and about the next election, but now a time has come when politicians only think about the next day’s headlines and television appearances.

‘BJP worked hard’

PM Modi said that BJP has worked hard to deal with difficult challenges. The results of the three state elections also show the faith and optimism of the people towards democracy and democratic institutions in the country. He took a dig at the BJP’s rivals, asking whether they have started “misusing” electronic voting machines.

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