How are any team doing after 3 matches in Women’s IPL? Learn the full math of the points table

Women’s Premier League 2023 points table

Position Team Played Won Lost Points NRR
1 Mumbai Indians 1 1 0 2 +7.150
2 Delhi Capitals 1 1 0 2 +3.000
3 UP Warriorz 1 1 0 2 +0.374
4 Royal Challengers Bangalore 1 0 1 0 -3.000
5 Gujarat Giants 2 0 2 0 -3.765


Women’s Premier League 2023: Women’s Premier League i.e. Women’s IPL has had 3 matches so far and all three matches have been amazing. In the three matches played so far in WPL, many records have been set, three teams have won and two teams have faced defeat. Mumbai beat Gujarat giants by 143 runs in the first match and Delhi beat Bengaluru by 60 runs in the second match. At the same time, the third match between UP Warriors and Gujarat Giants took place in which Gujarat once again had to suffer defeat. Now let’s talk about the situation of the points table.

Mumbai Indians are currently at the top of the points table in the Women’s Premier League. The Mumbai team topped the points table with a net run rate of 7.150 with 2 points. Meanwhile, the Delhi Capitals team is at the second position. The Delhi team finished second with 2 points and an impressive net run rate of 3,000.

Gujarat suffered their second defeat in a row

UP Warriors are third in the points table in the Women’s Premier League. UP started the tournament with a win against Gujarat Giants in a thrilling third match of the WPL. UP team is third in the points table with 2 points and 0.374 net run rate.

Smriti Mandhana’s team RCB played a match in which they had to face defeat. RCB are currently fourth with zero points and a net run rate of -3.000. Meanwhile, Gujarat Giants team has played 2 matches so far and lost both. Because of this, Gujarat currently sits at the bottom fifth position with zero points and a net run rate of -3.765.

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