Google announces new features for Android: Reading Mode, digital car key sharing, and more


Reading mode

The idea behind the inclusion of a new reading mode is to provide a more accessible user reading experience and improve screen reading for blind, dyslexics and low vision users. The mod comes in the form of a new app which the user needs to download first. After downloading, the user first needs to launch it to see a small overlay on the side of the smartphone screen.

Users can open any article online and access the reading mode by tapping on the overlay icon to view the content of the article in a new display format. This feature also works with YouTube. Moreover, users can also listen to the written content by tapping on the play button placed at the bottom.

Digital Car Key Sharing

The digital car key-sharing feature allows multiple users to lock, unlock and start a compatible car through their smartphones. This feature was launched by Google with Android 12 and helps the user to share the key with his/her loved ones. All these can be managed by the user through the smartphone’s digital wallet app.

Other features include the latest emojis by Emoji Kitchen for Gboard, a virtual keyboard app developed by Google for both Android and iOS, and new collage designs by DabsMyla and Yao Cheng for the Google Photos collage editor. This will help users customize their images as per their liking, The Verge explained in its report.


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