Ex-MLA of Makrana got bail in rape case without lawyer from High Court

High Court News: The Jodhpur bench of the Rajasthan High Court on Thursday gave a big relief after hearing the case related to former Makrana MLA Bhanwarlal Rajpurohit. Bhanwarlal Rajpurohit, former BJP MLA from Makrana, was sentenced to 10 years in a 20-year-old rape case. He was also fined Rs 1 lakh. Bhanwar Lal Rajpurohit had reached the High Court against the decision of the Makrana ADJ court. The court granted him bail and postponed the sentence. This hearing took place at a time when advocates across the state are on strike demanding the Protection Act.

Son and son-in-law advocated

On Thursday in the Rajasthan High Court, Justice Farzand Ali granted bail to former MLA Bhanwarlal Rajpurohit after hearing the case. The court also suspended the sentence. Due to the strike of the advocates, the lawyers did not appear in the court. On behalf of Bhanwar Lal Rajpurohit, his son Dipendra Singh Rajpurohit and daughter-in-law Madhusudan Singh Rajpurohit lobbied. Both argued in the court that the victim had registered the case after seven months. He told that in the past, high police officers had investigated in this matter. Police had lodged FR. He called this whole matter politically motivated. The victim and her mother were also present during the hearing. After hearing arguments from both sides, Justice Farzand Ali gave his verdict.

This matter is of 2002. At that time a woman had filed a rape case against Bhanwarlal Rajpurohit. In this case, the Makrana ADJ Court sentenced him to 10 years. The court also imposed a fine of Rs one lakh on him. This amount was to be given to the victim. During this, the former MLA of 86 years was also present in the court on a wheelchair. The police had arrested the former MLA after the verdict of the Makrana ADJ court. After medical examination, he was sent to Parbatsar Jail.

Who filed the case and when

On May 1, 2002, a woman resident of Manana village of Makrana police station area lodged a rape case against Bhanwarlal Rajpurohit. The police was not registering the case earlier, on this a case was registered in the court through Istgasa. At the time of the incident, the former MLA was 66 years old and the woman was 22 years old. Now Bhanwarlal is 86 years old, while the victim is 43 years old.

In her complaint, the woman said that on April 29, 2002, she went to Bhanwar Lal’s well at around 3 pm. There Bhavarlal called her to the room and raped her. At that time Bhawar Lal’s wife was not at home.

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