Elon Musk’s Twitter to roll out edit button for all users by November 7th: Report


As the name suggests, the edit function allows users to make edits to tweets even after they have been posted. The company currently allows only five edits within 30 minutes of a tweet being posted. It remains to be seen if there will be any other rules/restrictions once the feature is rolled out to everyone.

Twitter may enable editing feature for everyone

As mentioned, the edit button should be available to everyone by next week. This could be part of a major Twitter overhaul following the Elon Musk buyout, which is said to have put Twitter employees on a tight deadline to revive Twitter Blue. We should know the rules and guidelines regarding the edit button when the company makes an official announcement soon.

He will become a millionaire Charging $8 (approx. Rs. 660) per month As part of the new Twitter Blue model, the verified checkmark must be placed. In addition to this, they also get priority replies, the ability to post longer video and audio, and half as many ads. According to a Bloomberg report, the new Blue subscription should go live on November 7th. Unlike the current Blue Subscription, which is only available in certain regions of the world, the revamped model could be rolled out globally, including India, with pricing varying depending on purchasing power across countries.

It was made clear that if the team working on Blue didn’t meet the November 7th deadline, they would be fired. Twitter employees are reportedly looking for layoffs, where 50 percent of the workforce will be asked to leave and the rest to return to the office rather than ‘work from anywhere’. Employees are reported to be sleeping in the office for the deadline.


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