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The onset of winter means more chilly weather, many layers of clothes, foggy mornings and more. But of late, winters also indicate an increase in pollution levels. In major metropolitan cities around the world, the Air Quality Index (AQI) is severely affected. This is especially true in India, where the national capital region is facing the worst situation. What do you do in such a situation? Besides reducing your carbon footprint and not contributing to pollution, you can get an efficient air purifier for your home. The market is full of powerful air purifiers with HEPA filters from Dyson, Philips and Xiaomi among other brands. So, if you are confused about which air purifier is worth your hard-earned money and will give you a healthy environment inside your home, here is a list of the best air purifiers in Chroma.

Things to consider while buying an air purifier

Air Purifier Size: The size of an air purifier depends on how much space it covers. Choose a purifier with coverage larger than the size of the room for best effect. Consider getting a portable air purifier with casters to quickly move it from room to room when needed.

Number of Filters and Filter Type: When it is turned on, the pre-filter filters out large particles, pet hair and dander before the air goes to the next filters. Choose a pre-filter that can be washed and reused frequently.

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) is the most important filter to look for, as they can effectively remove small pollutants like pollen, dust, molds, germs and pet dander. Because they are good at removing hazardous compounds and gases from the air, activated carbon filters are often used in conjunction with HEPA filters. You should not use ionizing and UV filtering devices because they emit ozone which is dangerous for your health.

Another important point to be aware of is that the pre-filters and other filters included in the air purifier need to be replaced frequently, so choose an air purifier that offers you that capability.

Air Change Hourly (ACH): The term “Air Change Per Hour” (ACH) refers to the number of times an air purifier can completely purify a room’s air in an hour. Cleaning of small allergens that are harmful to health can be achieved by machines at rates above 4 ACH.

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): Before purchasing an air purifier, look at the CADR, which estimates the amount of air the purifier can clean at its highest speed setting. Choose a device with a high CADR, as this speeds up air purification.

Noise Rating: Since it is recommended to place the air purifier in the bedroom where we spend most of our time, check if its noise rating is less than 50dB to avoid sleep disturbance or distraction while you are working.

Warranty: Invest in an air purifier from a reputable manufacturer that offers a warranty of at least 12 to 18 months. Also, consider a brand that guarantees excellent after-sales service.

The best air purifiers you can buy in Chroma

Bluestar Air Purifier (BS-AP300DAI, White)

At an affordable price

If you are looking for an affordable-yet-powerful air purifier for your home, this Bluestar offering is the right choice for you. It has an effective coverage area of ​​300 square feet and features advanced 3-stage filtration that includes activated carbon, HEPA and a high-density pre-filter. Additionally, its SensAir purification technology helps remove pollutants down to PM 2.5 and PM 10. It comes with an Auto Sense feature that detects and purifies the air based on air quality and odor. Other features of the air purifier include a digital timer to automatically switch off the appliance, four-stage variable fan speed, real-time PM 2.5 LED indicator and auto filter change LED indicator.

Voltas HEPA Filter Plus UVC Technology Air Purifier (Air Quality Indicator, VAP36TWV, White)


This Voltas HEPA Air Purifier is another affordable model with advanced features. It features 5-stage filtration with pre-filter, activated carbon filter, HEPA H13 filter, UVC filter and ionizer. This filtration process promises a 99 percent filtration rate with an impressive accuracy of 0.01 microns. The air purifier has an effective coverage of about 333.68 square feet and provides a CADR of 260 metric cube per hour. It also offers dust sensor, PM 2.5 digital air quality indicator, three-step fan speed selection, auto mode, timer and children lock.

Philips Series 3000i Vitashield IPS and EraSense Technology Air Purifier (Multi Touch, AC3059/65, Light Silver and White)

Editor’s Choice

Philips is a renowned appliance manufacturer that has a range of powerful air purifiers in its lineup. The Series 3000i comes with an effective coverage area of ​​517 square feet, making it suitable for living rooms. With new 3D air circulation with helical air outlet, it offers fast purification with 400 metric cube CADR per hour. It features three-stage filtration through a pre-filter, activated carbon and a HEPA filter. Thanks to Vitashield IPS and AeraSense technology, it can remove 99.97 percent of ultrafine particles (that’s down to 0.003 microns). There is Wi-Fi connectivity as well as voice support via Alexa and Siri. It can be controlled via a smartphone app or voice commands. Other important features of this model are Auto Mode, Turbo Mode and Sleep Mode.

Dyson TP07 Air Multiplier Technology Pure Cool Tower Air Purifier (369702-01, White/Silver)


Dyson is considered the apple of the air purifier and vacuum cleaner market. Dyson products are amazing and perform well and this air purifier is no exception. The Pure Cool Tower is a powerful air purifier with an effective coverage area of ​​600 square feet. As the design suggests, it has a 350-degree oscillation, making it more effective. It features HEPA H13 and activated carbon filtration with three intelligent sensors for automatic detection of air quality and purification. It can clean PM 2.5 and PM 10 particles as small as 0.1 microns with 99.95 percent accuracy. The Wi-Fi-enabled device can be controlled with the Dyson Link app or voice commands and is also bundled with a remote.

Sharp Plasmacluster Technology Air Purifier (HEPA Filter, FP-F40E-T, Black)

Baguette friendly

This Sharp Air Purifier is ideal for a small to medium-sized room with an area of ​​approximately 320 square feet. It features Plasmacluster technology that comes with three passive filters (a standard mesh pre-filter, a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter). and certified by 31 global laboratories. There is also a special HAZE function, specially catered to address Indian conditions. Another highlight of the device is its durable build quality as it is made from the highest grade materials using thermoplastic polymer. It also has the usual features like auto-restart option, auto mode, manual mode, dust and odor sensor and low noise level.

Electrolux Aspen Well A5 AirSurround Technology Smart Air Purifier (4 Filtration Stages, WA51-305WT, White)


Electrolux Aspen Well A5 Air Purifier is a premium offering with top-notch features. Meant for smaller rooms, it covers an area of ​​approximately 258.33 square feet. Its USP is the airsurround purification technology that comes with a four-stage ionizer filter. It not only removes bacteria and viruses from the air, but also captures 99.98 percent of PM 2.5 particles and 92 percent of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It also offers a 360-degree fan that provides fresh air in minutes. The air purifier is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing with its Scandinavian design and replaceable fabric covers.

Dyson HP07 Air Multiplier Technology Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier & Heater (368887-01, Black/Nickel)

Editor’s Choice

Another offering from Dyson’s stables, the HP07 air purifier is for those who want a best-in-class experience. The flagship model covers an area of ​​600 square feet and features an advanced HEPA H13 filtration system with Air Multiplier technology capable of capturing gases as small as 0.1 microns and 99.95 percent of particles. It oscillates up to 350-degrees to uniformly purify and cool the air in the room. As the name suggests, it also doubles up as a heater. Like other Dyson air purifiers, it can be controlled Dyson Link app As well as voice commands. Completing the feature set is easy filter care, auto mode, night mode and LCD display.

These are the top air purifiers with the best features currently available in Chroma. Consider your room size and pollution level to choose the best air purifier for your needs.


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