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If you are searching vivo dialer apk on google. So now your search is over. Hello friends, welcome to Now you don’t need to visit any other website to download Vivo Dialer APK for Android 13.

Name Vivo Dialer APK
Publisher vivoglobal
Category Tools
Size 11.2 MB
Latest Version VOS_4.0
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Update 15 June 2023


Because in this post we are giving complete details about Vivo Dialer APK. And this vivo dialer apk works 100% because I am testing it on my android phone.

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Vivo Dialer APK Download VOS_4.0 For Android 13 (2023)

If you are searching vivo dialer apk on google. So now your search is over. Hello friends, welcome to Now you don't need to visit any other website to download Vivo Dialer APK for Android 13.

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What is vivo dialer apk?

Vivo Dialer APK is an application specially designed for Vivo smartphones that provides a better calling experience beyond the default dialer. This dialer offers additional features and functionality that gives users more control and comfort while making calls.

Features of Vivo Dialer APK

Vivo Dialer APK offers several advanced features that enhance your calling experience and provide additional convenience, such as:

Improved user interface

One of the most striking features of Vivo Dialer is its intuitive user interface. The app offers a clean and organized layout, making it easy to navigate and use. The user-friendly design ensures that you can easily access the desired functions without any confusion or hassle.

Smart dialing

Dialing numbers becomes easy with this dialer. The Smart Dialing feature lets you quickly find and dial contacts by simply entering the initial letter or number associated with their name. This dialer saves valuable time, especially when you have a large contact list, and allows you to instantly connect with your desired contact.

Caller ID & spam protection

Unwanted calls and spam have become a nuisance in our daily life. Vivo Dialer APK has a built-in caller ID and spam protection feature that helps you identify incoming calls from unknown numbers or potential spam callers. This feature ensures that you control who you connect with and helps protect your privacy.

vivo dialer apk

Call recording

Sometimes, it is important to record your conversations for future reference. Vivo Dialer APK allows you to easily record your incoming and outgoing calls. This feature is invaluable in business calls, interviews and capturing important conversational details.

Call blocking and do not interrupt

Vivo Dialer APK allows you to block specific contacts or activate Do Not Disturb mode to maintain a peaceful environment or avoid unnecessary interruptions. By taking advantage of these features, you can filter out unwanted calls and focus on what really matters.

Conference calls

Conference calls are important in both professional and personal settings to connect multiple participants from different locations. This dialer offers seamless conference call functionality, so you can easily host or join conference calls. you can Stay connected and collaborate effectively regardless of physical distance.

Voicemail integration

Missing important calls can be frustrating especially when you are answer them defnetly.This dialer integrates with your device’s voicemail service, ensuring that you can easily receive and manage voicemails. This feature gives you peace of mind that you will never miss an important message.

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Improved performance and reliability

This dialer is designed for Vivo smartphones, ensuring optimum performance and compatibility.Using this dedicated dialer app lets you experience better call quality, faster call connections and overall reliability. This dialer provides smoother and more satisfying calling experience.

Customization and personalization

Vivo Dialer APK offers various customization options, so you can tailor the app to your preferences.You can personalize the theme, choose the layout and customize the call ringtone. This level of customization ensures that your dialer app reflects your unique style and enhances the overall user experience.

Regular updates and support

This dialer benefits from regular updates and ongoing support from Vivo, ensuring the app stays updated with the latest features and security patches.By using this official dialer app, you can be sure that any issues or bugs will be fixed instantly, providing a smooth and reliable calling experience.

Favorite list

You can create a Favorites list in Vivo Dialer to include your most important contacts. This feature provides easy access to your favorite contacts, so you can connect with them quickly.

Vivo Dialer APK Download

In today’s rapidly moving world, efficient communication stands as a necessity, with smartphones serving as vital tools for connectivity. The dialer application, a key feature on smartphones, plays a fundamental role in facilitating seamless call management.

This dialer stands out as a trustworthy and feature-rich choice among the range of dialer apps accessible. This article aims to elucidate the advantages and features of the Vivo Dialer APK, underscoring how it enriches the calling experience and why it merits consideration for your device.

How to Download and Install Vivo Dialer APK

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In Conclusion The Vivo Dialer APK offers an exhaustive range of features and functionalities that elevate the calling experience on Vivo smartphones.

Boasting an intuitive user interface, intelligent dialing features, and advanced options like call recording and spam safeguards, the Vivo Dialer APK establishes itself as a reliable and potent dialer application.

By opting for this dialer, you amplify your communication capabilities and ensure uninterrupted connectivity with your contacts.

Welcome this exceptional dialer app to unlock an elevated level of calling convenience and efficiency.

If you encounter any challenges while attempting to download the Vivo Dialer Apk, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. We are committed to swiftly resolving any issues you may face.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to update the Vivo Dialer APK? Certainly, you have the option to update the Vivo Dialer APK whenever an updated version is released.
  • From where can the Vivo Dialer APK be downloaded? Ordinarily, the Vivo Dialer APK comes pre-installed on Vivo smartphones as a part of the system apps. Furthermore, you can also access it for download from our website.