Now transgenders can also do government jobs in Madhya Pradesh, a special category has been created for application

Madhya Pradesh government has taken a big step for transgenders. Madhya Pradesh government has decided to create a special category for transgenders in government jobs. Actually, earlier, the application form for government jobs in this state had only male and female option, but now another option has been added to it. This option is for transgender category. Madhya Pradesh government has done this amazing thing on Friday under Transgender (Protection of Rights) Rules-2021. People’s perception of gender as transgender is changing. Society also accepts them with open arms. That is why paths are opening for them in government jobs now. Before Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal had a place for the transgender community in government jobs. The West Bengal government had last year decided to allow transgenders to apply for government jobs under the general category.

Maharashtra also has a law

Tell you in November last year, the Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal (MAT) Mumbai bench directed the state government to reserve the post of sub-inspector in the police department for transgenders. Meanwhile, India’s first transgender judge, Joita Mandal, speaking to the media on the issue, said that reservation in government jobs for the transgender community is very important. He said that with the entry of transgenders in fields like police force and railways, society’s attitude towards them will change. Let me tell you that even today people in the society are ashamed to give transgenders the respect they deserve. So if you get into such jobs and work in the middle of the society, the social thinking will also change.

He gave special advice to the students who are preparing for

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