Pawan Kalyan’s Politics: Harish Shankar’s Battle Continues

Director Harish Shankar’s project, “Ustaad Bhagat Singh,” has experienced several delays due to Pawan Kalyan’s involvement in politics. Although the project initially began in May, shooting schedules have been postponed multiple times, affecting the film’s progress.

Recently, shooting resumed just three days ago, but Pawan Kalyan’s political commitments once again interrupted filming when he was detained by the Andhra Pradesh Police. It remains uncertain whether Pawan Kalyan will return to the film set promptly or if further delays are on the horizon.

Harish Shankar needs a minimum of 70 days of Pawan Kalyan’s availability to finish the film. Pawan Kalyan’s arrest by the Andhra Pradesh Police occurred in the NTR district as he protested against police interference with his convoy at the Telangana-Andhra border. His attempt to travel by air was blocked by the Krishna district police, who prevented his special flight from leaving Hyderabad.

As a result, Pawan Kalyan chose to travel by road but faced obstacles in the NTR district, causing him to leave his vehicle and walk toward Mangalagiri in Vijayawada. He even resorted to lying down and walking on the road at Anumanchipalli after being prevented from reaching Vijayawada. The ongoing uncertainty about Pawan Kalyan’s availability continues to create challenges for the completion of “Ustaad Bhagat Singh.”