Sony Inzone H3, H7, and H9 headsets’ India prices officially revealed

Sony Inzone Headsets Prices in India, Where to Buy

Sony Inzone headphones are listed on ShopAtSC and Amazon along with their prices.

If you order these headphones now you can expect them to be delivered between September 27th and September 29th.

Sony Inzone H3, H7 and H9 headphones have similar designs but different specs. The Inzone H3 is the most affordable model in the series, with a wired setup and a boom mic that can be flipped to mute. The headset has a flexible build that is designed for a wide range of head shapes and sizes. The Inzone H3 also features a dedicated volume dial for quick volume adjustments.

Meanwhile, the Inzone H7 is a wireless headset that can be connected via a USB transceiver that uses a 2.4GHz wireless connection or Bluetooth. In addition to the H3 features, the Inzone H7 has additional dedicated controls such as the Game/Chat Balance button, Bluetooth button and Power button. Finally, the Inzone H9 has all the features of the H7 and it also comes with noise-canceling technology. The Inzone H9 uses dual noise sensor technology to reduce external noise in the speakers and mic.

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Written By Sabhitech

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