iOS 16 battery issue: iPhone users complain about poor battery life after iOS 16 update

That said, when an iPhone receives a software update, it’s common for iOS to take a hit on battery life as it does things like reindexing files, photos, apps, and more in the background. It’s particularly notable with Apple’s annual flagship software release, iOS 16, because it’s a massive update.

iOS 16 battery life

Even two weeks after its release, multiple users are complaining about iOS 16 battery life. That’s because iOS is doing things in the background like reindexing files, photos, apps, and more. But after all the background reindexing is done, battery life should return to normal and complaints should subside. However, this time the complaints have not subsided and many users believe that iOS 16 is killing the battery life.

Users are complaining on various social media platforms RedditTiktok, and Twitter. They’ve been complaining about their iPhone battery life taking a hit since installing iOS 16 two weeks ago. As usual, there are theories that Apple is deliberately reducing battery life on older iPhones to bring in more iPhone 14 sales.

Source by 91 Mobiles

Written By Sabhitech

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