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Rockstar recently faced a major cyber attack, where More than 90 videos and screenshots of early build of GTA 6 leaked online. The hacker also managed to steal the game’s source code. As scary as it sounds, the leak has revealed some key information about GTA 6. The recent leak also confirmed several previous leaks regarding the game’s setting, main characters, and more. Since the leaks came from the initial test build of GTA 6, most of these details are subject to change in subsequent builds. Here we know GTA 6 release date, story, gameplay and more.

GTA 6 announcement

Rockstar Games has GTA has confirmed that the next entry in the series is in development. Rockstar said, “Many of you have been asking about the new entry in the Grand Theft Auto series. With each new project, our aim is to go significantly further than what we have previously delivered. We are pleased to confirm that active development is underway for the next entry in the series. It’s unclear what Rockstar will name the next GTA game, but it could be called GTA 6. Although Rockstar is yet to provide more details about GTA 6, there are many reports and rumors suggesting details like release date, location etc. Story and more.

GTA 6 Release Date (Estimated)

As neither Take-Two nor Rockstar have revealed the exact release date of GTA 6, we can only rely on the reports that have surfaced so far. Stephen Totillo Axios quoted an analyst from investment banking firm Jefferies as saying, “There are few titles that can provide management with the confidence to deliver such strong guidance; We believe at least one Rockstar IP set will be released by FY24. If this is true, we can expect GTA 6 to launch sometime between April 1, 2023 and March 31, 2024.

Call of Duty leaker Tom Henderson shared this YouTube video GTA 6 is expected to launch in 2024 or 2025. This timeline is backed up Bloomberg reporter Jason Schrier. Schreyer said, “Everything Tom Henderson said about the game matches what I’ve heard.” Considering these rumours, players can expect GTA 6 to launch in 2024 or 2025.

Rockstar has paused development on Red Dead Redemption and GTA 4 remasters To dedicate more resources to GTA 6. Rockstar will share more details about the GTA 6 release date as the game moves into the final stages of development.

Which platforms will GTA 6 launch on?

Although GTA 5 was initially launched only on PS3 and Xbox 360, Rockstar launched the game on PC a year and a half later. Considering the success of games like GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, GTA 6 will launch simultaneously on PC and consoles like PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. That being said, it is highly unlikely that Rockstar will launch the next GTA game on mobile.

Will GTA 6 be online?

GTA Online is a major part of Rockstar’s strategy to keep players in the GTA ecosystem. GTA Online gets frequent updates with new loots, missions, vehicles, weapons, costumes, events and more. As Rockstar has added massive online multiplayer experience to both GTA 4, GTA 5, as well as Red Dead Redemption titles, we can expect GTA 6 to have online multiplayer features as well. Hopefully, players will also get the option to play the game’s story mode in co-op.

A A recent leak It is said that GTA 6 Online may have an extended map along with mods like Cops and Crooks. There are also rumors of an evolving map similar to the one in Fortnite.

Where does GTA 6 take place?

GTA 6 brings back Vice City, the series’ version of Miami. Recently leaked videos and screenshots show several banners of Vice City and cop cars with ‘VCPD’ written on them. This pretty much confirms the previously leaked Vice City setting for GTA 6. GTA 6 is a must have indeed Some regions in North and South America, but Rockstar decided against that idea in development. Vice City is an iconic location in the GTA series, and it’s definitely great to see it return.

What can you expect from the story of GTA 6?

A recent GTA 6 leak revealed that the game will feature two main characters, a female and a male, who will have a Bonnie and Clyde-inspired relationship. A A previous leak revealed this information, which has now been confirmed. GTA 6 will feature a female protagonist for the first time in the series, which GTA 5 co-writer Dan Houser teased in an interview. the guardian. Houser said, “In the future, could we play a game with a female lead? However. We haven’t found the perfect game for it yet, but it’s one of those things we always think about. It didn’t feel natural for this game but it certainly felt like the right game in the future – with the right themes, it could be amazing.

Stories in the GTA series are based on crimes such as drug trafficking, murder, and other gang-related activities. GTA 6’s story is expected to have similar elements from GTA 5 with some over-the-top moments and criticisms of modern American capitalism and society. The leaked footage shows that looting and looting will be a major part of GTA 6’s core gameplay loop. .

Rockstar GTA 6 will take some time to develop, with the studio facing a lot of backlash due to Crunch Culture reports. a An in-depth report from Kotaku Red Dead Redemption 2 highlighted how crunch culture affected employees during the final year of development. Since the release of the report.. Rockstar has made significant changes in its work cultureThe development in GTA 6 suggests that it will be much less frustrating for employees.

GTA 6 news

GTA 6 release delayed due to major gameplay leak? Rockstar Brings Clarity (September 20)

Presented by Rockstar Official announcement Regarding the recent GTA 6 leak, it confirms that there was a “network intrusion” where a hacker was able to access confidential information. Rockstar also said the attack will not affect current live-service games or development of GTA 6.

Huge GTA 6 leak reveals early gameplay footage (September 19)

fresh GTA 6 leak GTA 6 has revealed some of its main features. GTA 6 is now confirmed to take place in Vice City, featuring two protagonists in a Bonnie and Clyde-type relationship.

GTA 6 Will Have A Female Protagonist, Rerelease Window Leaks (July 28)

A A recent leak GTA 6 is said to feature a female protagonist in a story inspired by Bonnie and Clyde. The game is expected to be set in Vice City, with more locations added to the map over time. GTA 6 is expected to have a larger world at launch with more interior locations than previous games.

GTA 6 release: Rockstar pauses GTA 4, Red Dead Redemption remasters to focus on upcoming GTA game (July 6)

Recent reports state Rockstar has paused development of GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption remasters to better focus on GTA 6. It seems that the publisher is trying to allocate more resources for the development of GTA 6. That being said, the poor reception of the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition may have played a role in this decision.

GTA 6 Story Details, Online Map, Release Date Leaked (July 1)

A recent leak suggests GTA 6 could follow the story of twin siblings who were separated during their childhood after their parents were killed by a cartel in 2003. The siblings later find themselves pitted against each other, when one of them turns out to be a DOA agent and the other a cartel member. . The leak also suggests that GTA 6 could be released in 2024.

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