Do the iPhone 14 India variants have eSIM and satellite connectivity?

Now, if you are thinking of buying the new iPhone 14, you might be confused about the SIM situation. Several questions come to mind – if you can use two connections with your new iPhone, will the US-bought iPhone 14 model work well in India and the likes. Don’t worry, you have come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about the iPhone 14 eSIM feature.

Will the iPhone 14 India variant have a physical SIM tray?

Yes, any Apple iPhone 14 model purchased in India comes with a SIM tray. If you are thinking of buying the iPhone 14 model in India, you will get a physical SIM tray with your new Apple iPhone 14. Moreover, if you opt for a second SIM or are already using an eSIM, you also get eSIM connectivity. The only thing to watch here is if your carrier offers eSIM support.

iPhone 14 Dual SIM in India?

You are using two connections with your iPhone 14 in India, but you can only put one physical SIM in your iPhone. However, if you want dual SIM connections on your iPhone 14, you will need to use an eSIM along with the physical SIM.

Will the iPhone 14 US model work in India?

Currently, there are no reports of any users in India facing issues with eSIM connectivity, so if you’re thinking of asking a relative or friend to bring you an iPhone from the US, you should apply for an eSIM with your carrier. You cannot use a physical SIM card.

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How to setup eSIM on iPhone 14?

In India, all major carriers like Airtel, Jio and Vi have eSIM support. With Vi (formerly Vodafone Idea), however, eSIM is only available with postpaid connections. The process of activating an eSIM is also different for all carriers. Currently, telecom providers do not charge anything for an eSIM and your regular plan is forwarded to your eSIM.

To apply for an eSIM, Airtel users can SMS “e.g [space] Registered Email ID” to 121. Reliance Jio users can SMS GETESIM 199, and Vi users can SMS “e.g [space] Registered Email ID” to 199. Following this, users will get an SMS from their carrier with the steps they need to follow. You will also receive a QR code in your email, which you need to scan with your iPhone. To do so, go Settings > Mobile data > Add a data plan.

Will iPhone 14 get satellite connectivity in India?

With the Apple iPhone 14 series, Apple has also introduced a new satellite connectivity feature It allows users to call for help when they are in a remote area with no network. However, this feature is limited to the US and Canada and users in India will not be able to get the feature with the iPhone 14 series. Users in the US and Canada will also get the feature with the iOS 16 update later this year.

The Emergency feature on all iPhone 14 models tries to connect you to the nearest satellite in an emergency. Satellite connectivity relies on line-of-sight communication with satellites hovering above the Earth’s surface, a handy feature when you’re out of range of a traditional cellular tower.

iPhone 14 Price in India

The iPhone 14 series price in India for the base 128GB variant of the iPhone 14 is Rs. 79,900. iPhone 14 Plus price for 128GB variant is Rs. 89,900. iPhone 14 Pro Price in India Rs. 1,29,900 while iPhone 14 Pro Max is priced at Rs. 1,39,900.

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